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Waxing Services

At Skin ReNew, waxing is an artform.
We strive to give the most comfortable experience for our clients. With our variety of waxes, we can effectively remove hair and maintain comfort in the more delicate areas.

Chin $10

Lip $10

Brows  $20
Brows, Lip, & Chin $35

Full Face $40

Underarms $25

Half Arms $30

 Full Arms $45

 Half Legs $45

Full Legs $70

Bikini $40   

Brazilian $70

Back $60

Chest & Stomach $60

Back, Chest, Stomach $115

Contact Us
*To schedule your service or for more information, please call us at 1.833.30ReNew or fill out our form. We will call you within 2 business days.

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