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Foot Soak Sanctuary


Relaxation Begins With the Feet

Relaxation begins with the feet. The act of ‘stopping and being’ can allow you to fully be in the moment. Touch, smell, breathe and relax. In the Foot Sanctuary Room, we believe in recharging you from your feet on up. Each luxurious foot soak will transport you to calmer, more relaxed version of you. We’ll welcome you to the Foot Sanctuary with a glass of wine or a hot beverage and wrap your neck with an aromatherapy infused heated neck wrap. To begin, you’ll choose a soak to envelope your senses and transform your weary feet and calves. Next, you will decide which area needs extra TLC in the form of massage. Choose between foot & calf massage, arm & hand massage, or head, neck & shoulder massage. Some of our favorite add-ons: extra massage (of course), hand paraffin treatment to heat and hydrate those over-worked hands, hydrating and plumping undereye treatment, or CBD.  60 min. $75

The Soaks

The Melt - Refreshing aromas of Rosemary and Mint to escape and clear your mind

The Daydreamer - Valerian and Hops relax the mind and body

Inner Peace - Achieve well-being with the lovely aromas of red poppies and hemp oils

The Calming Wake - Soothe and invigorate weary muscles with Lavender, Arnica and Eucalyptus

The Hot Chill - Relax, detox, and hydrate your feet with a Skin Renew Signature blend for the senses

CBD - This anti-inflammatory and relaxation soak is ideal for sore and swollen feet and calves.


Enhancement Menu

CBD Facial, Foot Soak, or Body Wrap-Upgrade $25

Paraffin Hand or Foot Treatment $20

Paraffin Hand and Foot Treatment $30

Add Back to Facial Service $50

Hydrating & Plumping Undereye Treatment $15

Hydrating Lip Treatment $10

LED Facial Therapy $15

Dermaplaning add-on $35

Herbal Body Soak 45 min add-on $45

Additional Massage to Foot Soak 15 min $20

Additional Massage to Foot Soak 30 min $40

Waxing—Starting at $10

Brow Shaping and Wax $20

Brow or Lash Tinting $20/$30

Brow and Lash Tinting $45

Contact Us
*To schedule your service or for more information, please call us at 1.833.30ReNew or fill out our form. We will call you within 2 business days.

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